We are

steal the city


Vocals, Bass / Sam
Guitar / Smit
Guitar / Joe
Drums / Ellis 




Hailing from Sheffield, dynamic hard rock 4 piece outfit Steal The City are newcomers to the music scene but are purveyors of some of the sharpest hooked riffs and chorus lines this side of the Atlantic. While Individually submerged somewhere in the underground rock scene, they found each other through sharing the same passion, drive and commitment to music.

Musically, Steal The City combine modern metal music with their gift of harmonious, progressive writing and follow their own path to get to the sound in which they are quickly becoming recognised for. The political landscape and the pressures of our modern times are subjects that Steal The City are not afraid to confront with lyrics such as “Is this the future that you fail to see? Or is the empire that you stand with crumbling at your feet? The holes in your stories are laid out before me – you cant silence us any more.” A message that people can most definitely relate to.

Touring around the North consistently and playing festivals such as Laycocks, Mapfest, Womfest and Tramlines (to name a few) has seen the band command a loyal following. Steal The City were hand picked to perform with Heavens Basement, Glamour Of The Kill, and Skindred - blowing people away with their energetic and mesmerising performances. Hell bent on impressing with their live experience, Steal The City channel the likes of A Day To Remember and While She Sleeps.

Steal The City released their debut EP on April 13th to a sold out Corporation in Sheffield, with a number of other shows planned throughout the UK to follow this up.